What is IntelleBoost?


IntelleBoost is an exercise program designed to engage students with fun music and visual cues to move their bodies, or body parts, in ways that increase blood flow to the brain, raise energy levels, improve mental focus, and literally prepares their minds chemically to retain information.


Videos are short, self-guided activities, often themed with learning, and easily accessed; allowing students to easily follow the instructions and teachers time to prepare for the next subject while students follow the activity.

Example Video from IntelleBoost Library

When it's easy for teachers to use, it's used more!

Easy Online Streaming

No need to set up special equipment or share DVD's with other teachers.  All faculty has instant access online.

Self-Guided Videos

Students can follow the video's instructions while giving the teacher 2 to 3 minutes to prepare for the next subject.

Alternative for Indoor Recess

When it is too cold or wet to play outside, students can still benefit from physical activity in the classroom.